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The term "organic production" refers to a cultivation method that only allows the use of natural substances, or substances present in nature. Synthetic and chemical substances (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides) cannot be used. Organic agriculture means developing a production model that avoids the excessive exploitation of the natural resources using the soil, water and air within a development model that can last over time. In order to preserve the natural fertility of soil, the organic farmers use organic materials and appropriate agricultural techniques without exploiting them intensively. health and hygiene safety, nutritional content and organoleptic quality... in other words, eating with taste: this is what everyone wants from the food we put on the table. With our organic productions, you know what you're eating.

Our organic plain chocolate is produced with carefully selected cocoa beans of the highest quality, derived exclusively from 100% organic farming, guaranteed through the application of the rules of European production. This results in a chocolate with a recognized quality that is great for your health. It has a low environmental impact, no GMOs, and its quality is guaranteed by the control and certification system. BETTER HEALTH AND BETTER TASTE Hygiene and health safety, nutritional and organoleptic quality, in other words nutrition and flavor: this is what each of us wants from the food on our table. MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Organic farming actually minimizes the release of residues into the soil, air and water, maintains the natural soil fertility, safeguards the complexity of the agro-ecosystem and its biodiversity and consumes less energy. FREE FROM GMOS Using organic ingredients means that no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are used in cocoa production and the production areas are respected. We do not use genetically modified ingredients.

  • Hazelnuts
    shelled, whole roasted, grain, flour, pasta
  • Almonds
    shelled , peeled, whole roasted, grain, flour, pasta
  • Pistacchi
    shelled, peeled, perfect green, whole roasted, grain, flour, pasta
  • Nuts
    shelled, grain
  • Pine Nuts
  • Apricot Kernels
    sweet and shelled, sweet and peeled, bitter and shelled, bitter and peeld, roasted, grain, flour
  • Peanuts
    peeled, roasted, grain, flour, pasta
  • Cashews
    whole, grain, flour
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Bitter Cocoa Flour
    10/12 natural, 10/12 potassato, 20/22, 22/24
  • Chocolate Shells
    dark, milk, white
  • Cococa beans
    raw, roasted, grain, flour, pasta