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Cocoa and Derivates

In the new facility of Cervasca, equipped with latest-generation completely computerized systems, with our historical experience from the wise and traditional craftsmanship that characterizes the production cycle of chocolate, we dedicate ourselves exclusively to the production of cocoa derivatives and creams.
The cocoa beans are imported from major companies of recognized excellence. Well dried and fermented the cocoa beans comes from the region of cultivation, before moving on to actual processing are carefully selected and cleaned, then are sent to roasting plant.

The roasting rack oven is a fundamental phase in the cocoa processing cycle, the importance of this phase is to maintain and enhance the characteristics of each variety of aromatic cocoa, it also provides an important initial moisture reduction.

The choice of process technology and operational accuracy are some elements characterizing our company, designed and researched to enhance the quality of each product.

Cocoa Liquors and Grains

To get cocoa top quality liquors and grains, we follow a painstaking production process. The cocoa beans are roasted and cooled, after this first phase are sent to the cocoa breaker and then are sifted through the rollers. The entire production process is conducted with continuous aspiration to completely eliminate the skin. The nibs obtained are ready to be sold or are sent to refiners to produce pure cocoa liquors.

Therefore, we have developed a wide range of cocoa liquors based on cocoa beans from different origins, with various specifications and roasting conditions. The hot cocoa refining process creates a cocoa liquor ready to be sold or used as main ingredient for all our productions.


  • Cocoa liquor can be supplied liquid, in heated steel tanks, or in solid pods.
  • Our company is able to provide origin products ensuring the traceability of the production chain.
  • We also produce biological grains and cocoa liquors.

Dark Chocolate

Our production can satisfy every need, besides the taste profile, you can choose between different fluidity degrees and cocoa percentages, or we can create a custom recipe which meets your wishes. Each of our unique and special recipe is characterized by a strong personality, from taste and quality that has always characterized our chocolate.

The chocolate preparation process begins with the mixing of ingredients, cocoa liquor, sugar, deodorized cocoa butter, lecithin and natural vanilla; then the mixture thus obtained is refined in a mill in order to obtain a granulometry of 20 μ. The chocolate is then “conched” and tempered, after that process is ready to be sold liquid or to be modelled in solid product.


  • Dark chocolate can be supplied liquid, in heated steel tanks, or in solid pods.
  • Our company is able to provide origin chocolates ensuring the traceability of the production chain.
  • We also produce biological dark chocolate.
  • We can produce sugar free chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

Like for the dark chocolate, also for milk chocolate, we offer our Customers a wide range of flavor profiles, more pronounced cocoa flavour, mild and creamy taste with notes of caramel. Even for milk chocolate we can provide varying degrees of fluency with the special ability to build custom recipes for each Customer; we want that every our mixture can satisfy the most demanding palate.

Crea’s milk chocolate is made of cocoa liquor of our production, sugar, powdered milk, deodorized cocoa butter, lecithin and natural vanilla. The accuracy and constant monitoring of the entire production cycle allows us to create a versatile chocolate, that you can adapt to any use and for any type of production; the taste and great workability of our chocolate make it reliable and suitable for any use. Crea’s milk chocolate can be supplied liquid, in heated steel tanks, or in solid pods.

White Chocolate

Crea’s white chocolate to keep maximum naturalness and best taste is created by selecting carefully every single ingredient, sugar, deodorized cocoa butter, dried milk of the highest quality, lecithin and a touch of natural vanilla. Each Customer can count on a wide range of flavours to choose from, very creamy or distinctly stylish.

As every Crea’s chocolate also for the white there are varying degrees of fluency and the ability to customize the recipes according to the needs of each client. A great peculiarity signed Crea is a special recipe for the white chocolate, thanks to careful study and selection of ingredients we devised a recipe for white chocolate with cream, obtained thanks to the careful blending of traditional ingredients of white chocolate with the wise addition of powdered cream. By this way we can make a white chocolate that tastes even more velvety and creamy. Crea’s white chocolate can be supplied liquid, in heated steel tanks, or in solid pods.

Chocolate Grain and Flour

Our entire range of chocolates, dark, milk and white (produced with different fluidity degrees), cocoa liquor and cocoa butter can be processed into grains or flour.

Type Caliber
Flour: <1mm
Little Grain: 1-3mm
Grain: 3-5mm
Big Grain: 4-7mm

Maintaining unchanged the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of our chocolates, moulded products pass through a “grinding” process with rollers that allows to obtain different sizes and products completely sifted in order to meet the most varied requirements and needs. This particular production is available for dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa liquor and cocoa butter with the sizes indicated in the next table.